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Labor of Love
Urban Nocturne
Farren / Igor
Michael Sweet
Michael Sweet
Last of the Longtime Lovers
Ride 'em Cowboy
In Fashion


About Urban Nocturne

I met Igor around the time that the Farren band was forming.Charlie Farren had been asked to sing some background vocals along with Brad Delp to Ben Orr's lead, by a mutual friend. At that session, Charlie was so impressed with the keyboard compositions that he asked Igor to join in with us (this was my connection eventually to playing in the Orr band for several years) Igor played on most of Greasetown, as well as our area shows. Eventually of course he landed the Yes gig.
This track entitled "Urban Nocturn" was first recorded and included in the first printing of Farren's "Greasetown."When Charlie Farren re-mastered the collection and titled it Farrenheit 3, it was left out in place of tunes which he felt were more in character with the ones recorded. This song is just one of the many styles Igor is proficient at. I ended up recording at least a dozen more "tunes" with Ivan, but this remains one of my favorites. Clearly I'm not Mr. Fusion Drummer, but this is a brief foray into that styling as I played it.

About Michael Sweet

Years ago, while I was playing shows with Farren, Beatlejuice, and the Orr band, I got a call from a friend asking if I would like to do a recording session for Michael Sweet. I never turn down an opportunity to be challenged, so I said yes. I called Michael and arranged for him to send me a demo tape with a drum machine along to him singing and playing a guitar.I will always try to get hold and shed the material so as not to waste anyone's time.What I recieved was a rough sketch of 4 songs, yet it was enough for me to see how talented he was.I worked with this "outline" for a few days and we met at the studio the following week. The first thing that struck me was how focused he was and of course how prepared...I liked him immediatley and we set to work. Within a day and a half we had tracked 4 songs, two of which are here for you to enjoy. I sincerley hope you enjoy them and will take the time to find out more about Michael and support his endeavors, as that's what all we, as musicians, ever hope for.

After Farrenheit had run through it's first incarnation with Charlie, David, and I ( I feel we're in the beginning stages of our next phase, and it's really fun and exciting ) we each splintered off into different situations. During this time however, Charlie and I continued to record and eventually along with Robin Farren and Phil Bynoe formed Farren.( Igor came after we had formed and left his mark, of that there is no doubt ) I picked ride 'em cowboy because it was recorded with just Charlie, Phil, and I. This was how we used to jam and this particular time we tried to re-invent the approach to an earlier Farrenheit song. I love the take as I loved all the jams that the three of us used to do. In Fashion was one of the first songs I learned when joining Farrenheit and this version features Bobby Enick on lead guitar during the solo section. It still gives me goose bumps everytime I listen to it. The Farren band days were a lot of fun and allowed me to explore my "swing side" of playing along with some musicians I really respect and had a lot of fun with.


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